Penetration Seals

Penetrations are usually opening where mechanical, electrical or structural items pass through in a wall or floor or compartmentation, such as pipes, electrical conduits, ducting, electrical cables and cable trays, or structural steel beams and columns etc.

Thus, penetration seals are needed as these openings are wide/large/sizable enough where using sealant alone becomes insufficient to contain the fire/smoke spread. Instead, a combination of firestopping materials such as cement/mortar, graphite based pillows and coatings plus sealants to be specified to ensure the original fire resistance level of the separating level is maintained.

It is important that the user be aware of the type of services and the dimensions of the gaps that will be left around the services that area to be sealed. Valid supporting evidence that the proposal consists of a tested system may be required.

This may vary from country to country, depending upon the way the test results are interpreted and how local regulations are applied. For confirmation on accuracy of test result, please consult Promat.

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