Every FRL-rated wall system (Fire Resistance Level) has very specific installation procedures that must be followed, including requirements relating to fasteners, fastener spacing and fire-related sealants around perimeters. Compliance and warranty issues may arise when mixing and matching one manufacturer’s system to another. While each individual system will have been specifically tested and certified, they will likely not have been fire tested as a whole.

Fire separation generally needs to be continuous across any wall system. Detailing requirements apply where floor, ceiling and roof systems intersect with a separating wall. These intersections can be vulnerable during a fire. For example, voids and cavities between the top of wall and underside of roofing can provide passage for fire. Caulking and service penetrations also have to be carefully considered to ensure there is no open path for fire and smoke. Fire doors and fire-resistant glazing should be specified to provide continuous protection.

Promatized solutions
We can offer PROMATECT® steel stud partition or PROMATECT® solid type partition from 60/60 to 240/240 to BS 476: Part 22. 

For more information, please contact our Promat Technical Department.