PROMASEAL® Retrofit Collars (circular base)

Circular based PROMASEAL® Retrofit Collar (FCS type) is designed to be fitted around installed pipes that pass through floor slabs and have been tested with uPVC, HDPE and ABS pipes up to 100mm diameter. The larger opening within the collars will accommodate pipes (and uPVC pipe fittings) that have differing outside diameters. The split type collar can be retrofitted where necessary. It is available in a range of sizes to suit plastic pipes up to 110mm outside diameter.

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  • Plastic Pipe Penetrations through slabs


  • Suitable for installation over sockets / joiners (uPVC only)
  • Tested with uPVC, HDPE, ABS plastic pipes as well as Postmix and beer lines
  • Suitable for protecting cables and insulated copper pipes
  • Available in 40, 50, 65 and 100mm

Approx. Expansion Ratio (550 °C): 1:9
Approx. Expansion Temperature (°C): 185°C
Colour: Blue
Shelf Life (months): 120months
Storage Conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions.
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