PROMASEAL® Floor Waste Cast In Collar

Floor waste collars help prevent the passage of fire and smoke through openings in compartment floors in the event of a fire. For installation of collars on permanent formwork and in thin floor slabs (<150mm) always contact Promat. These collars are available in various models and the type used depends on the certification required for the building.

PROMASEAL® Floor Waste Collars (Patent Pending) are designed to provide fire resistance where floor wastes penetrate wet areas. The collars have been tested for cast-in floor applications with the pipe fitting within the collar and when tested to AS1530: Part 4 and AS4072: Part 1 achieved an FRL of -/240/240.

The FWC100 collar is suitable for 50, 80 & 100mm uPVC, 100mm HDPE and 100mm Rehau Raupiano pipe. Minimum Slab depth is 150mm.

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Plastic Pipe Floor Waste Penetrations in Floors


  • Tested for uPVC, HDPE and Raupiano pipe
  • Can have socket/coupling for either uPVC or HDPE installed within collar
  • To suit 50, 80 & 100mm pipes
  • High and Low version available

Approx. Expansion Ratio (550 °C): 1:9
Approx. Expansion Temperature (°C): 185°C
Colour: Blue
Shelf Life (months): 120months
Storage Conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions.
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