PROMASEAL® Conduit Collar

PROMASEAL® Conduit Collar is designed for retrofitting around small (<32mm) plastic conduit pipes that pass through fire floor or wall slabs. It comes in one size (32mm) and can be used on smaller diameter conduits without modification. The collar is fixed to the floors/walls with two brackets.

Insulation criteria will vary depending on types of the plastic pipes and the penetrating building element through which the collar passes.

The collar is supplied pre-made with an internal diameter of 32mm, however no change is required to the collar for pipes of smaller diameters.

Further Information


  • Suitable for pipes from 16 to 32mm
  • Tested with large variety of pipes including PEX, uPVC, PB, PEX/Al/PEX, Cables, Conduits and many others
  • Tested in a wide variety of wall types including F.R Plasterboard, Speedpanel & AAC/Hebel amongst others

Approx. Expansion Ratio (550 °C): 1:9
Approx. Expansion Temperature (°C): 185°C
Shelf Life (months): 120months
Storage Conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions.
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