PROMASEAL® CIL Low Cast In Collar

PROMASEAL® CIL Low Cast In Collar is designed to be fixed to formwork prior to the pouring of concrete floor slabs. The collar accommodates the uPVC pipe fitting within the thickness of the slab enabling space saving.

PROMASEAL® CIL Low Cast In Collar are not suitable to protect floor waste penetrations. For protecting floor waste penetrations please refer to PROMASEAL® Floor Waste Cast-in Collars.

For slabs that use lost formwork or are less than 120mm thick, please consult Promat.

Further Information


  • Penetration Seals


  • Tested with uPVC, HDPE, Raupiano and other pipes from 40 to 100mm
  • Socket / Joiner can be installed within collar for uPVC
  • Tested in Kingfloor and Fielders Slimdek 210 Systems.

Approx. Expansion Ratio (550 °C): 1:9
Approx. Expansion Temperature (°C): 185°C
Colour: Blue
Shelf Life (months): 120months
Storage Conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions.
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