How does a fire collar work?

All Promat fire collars

Promat fire collars are based on our PROMASEAL® Grafitex intumescent technology. To intumesce, means to expand especially in the case of being heated. The black material that is found inside all our collars will start to expand when heated to around 180 – 200oC. Once expanded the material provides a excellent barrier against heat and hot gasses and significantly increases time it takes for them to pass through to the non fire side.

Service with fire collar and without in fire

The need for a fire collar is based on the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC), which in Clause 3.15 states that any penetrations caused by services need to be fire stopped so that the Fire Resistance Level of the building element being penetrated is not reduced. So if you have plastic pipes and other combustible services in a fire situation they will melt and leave an opening through what is otherwise a fire resistant barrier. If your fire-resistant barrier has a hole in it then obviously it is no longer fire resistant. By having a fire collar in place, it will close up that hole as the pipe melts and stop the fire from passing through that barrier.

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