Fire Protection of Mechanical and Electrical Services Enclosures

Mechanical and electrical (M&E) services require fire protection is require to maintain function of certain essential electrical and/or mechanical systems and services, and also to prevent fire, smoke and toxic fume propagation from one building compartment to another.

It is necessary to ensure the continued function of essential electrical systems and services is maintained during fire, for a specified period of time, until all the building occupants have escaped. Electrical systems that need protection from fire may include:

  • Electrically operated fire alarms
  • Emergency escape route lighting
  • Electrically operated extinguishing systems
  • Smoke extraction venting systems
  • Power supply for fire service elevators in high-rise buildings
  • Water mains supply and pumps servicing sprinkler systems
  • Essential life support and/or computer, communication or information technology networks

Further Information


  • Up to 4 hours FRL
  • Meets insulation and integrity criteria of BS 476: Part 20
  • Less Material required to achieve fire resistant levels
  • Impact and abrasion resistance
  • Fire resistance performance


FRL -/120/- FRL -/240/- FRL -/60/60 FRL -/120/30 FRL -/120/120 FRL -/240/120 FRL -/240/240
PROMATECT®-H M&E Services Enclosure X X X X X
PROMATECT®-L500 M&E Services enclosure X X X X
PROMINA® 60 M&E Services Enclosure X X
PROMATECT®-S M&E Services Enclosure X X X X
SUPALUX® M&E Services Enclosure X X X X X
SUPARBOARD® M&E Services Enclosure X X
DURASTEEL® M&E Services Enclosure X X X X

Note: FRL * / * / * (Fire Resistance Limit – *Stability / *Integrity / *Insulation)


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