PROMASTOP® Cement is a lightweight fire resistant cement supplied as a dry powder and to be mixed with water for on-site preparation. This fine grade cement powder is white in colour for ease of identification and has a quick setting time. When the product is set, it presents a hard surface finish and does not shrink regardless of temperature change. It is readily drilled for post installation of services.

PROMASTOP® Cement has been tested up to a 240 minute fire resistance with various penetration seals in concrete/masonry floors and walls (with an equal or greater fire resistance level). It is not applicable in lightweight partitions.

For floor applications, PROMASTOP® Cement can provide some degree of loadbearing capability depending on the thickness of the cement layer applied. Please consult Promat to determine the thickness to meet a specific loadbearing performance requirement.

Further Information


  • Openings in concrete/masonry floors and walls
  • Penetration seal in concrete/masonry floors and walls


  • Fire Resistance tested up to 240 minutes
  • Lightweight fire resistant cement

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