PROMASEAL® Conduit Collar

PROMASEAL® Conduit Collar is designed for retrofitting around small (<32mm) plastic conduit pipes that pass through fire resistant floors and walls . It comes in one size (32mm) and can be used on smaller diameter conduits without modification. The collar is fixed to the floors/walls with two brackets.

Insulation criteria will vary depending on types of the plastic pipes and the penetrating building element through which the collar passes.

The collar is supplied pre-made with an internal diameter of 32mm, however no change is required to the collar for pipes of smaller diameters.

Further Information


  • Fire Resistance Level up to 240 minutes
  • Suitable for pipes from 16 to 32mm
  • Tested with uPVC, PVC, HDPE,PB,PEX, cables, conduits and many others
  • Application onto concrete or masonry wall, floor or fire rated partitions

Expansion ratio free: 1:9
Starting temperature: 185 °C
Shelf life: 120 months
Storage conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions.
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