Fire Protection of Self-supporting Ducts

The relative complexity of any ductwork system passing through different fire compartments and the relevance of the system’s function in ambient as well as fire conditions can make the selection of a suitable ductwork system difficult.

Promat provides guidance on fire performance requirements and a wide range of solutions for protecting ductwork and other self supporting systems.

Further Information


  • No steel sheet ducts are required
  • Single shell construction
  • Dimensionally stable and resistant to moisture
  • Easy to cut to size, ex factory or on site
  • Lightweight shaped sections
  • Serviceable smooth surface, robust


FRL 30/30/30 FRL 60/60/30 FRL 60/60/60 FRL 90/90/90 FRL 120/120/- FRL 120/120/60 FRL 120/120/120 FRL 180/180/90 FRL 180/180/120 FRL 180/180/180 FRL 240/240/- FRL 240/240/30 FRL 240/240/120 FRL 240/240/180 FRL 240/240/240 FRL 360/360/-
PROMATECT®-H Self-supporting Duct Systems X X X X X
PROMATECT®-L500 Self-supporting Duct Systems X X X X X X X
PROMATECT®-S Self-supporting Duct Systems X X X X X X X X X X

Note: FRL * / * / * (Fire Resistance Limit – *Stability / *Integrity / *Insulation)


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