Fire Protection Coating for Steel Ducts

Compartmentation is widely used worldwide to limit fire spread throughout the building. Air ducts can be often a critical point, because they connect different compartments and, in case of collapse due to temperature, the sealing of the penetration though wall or ceilings can be compromised.

Fire dampers within ductwork systems are normally used to avoid flame and smoke spread, but in same cases, such as car park extract ducts, smoke extract ducts or pressurisation ducts, the fire dampers cannot be used, therefore a fire resistant duct is necessary. Depending on the building design and local regulations, the ducts can requires insulation and integrity or integrity only.

Applied PROMAPAINT® on the sheet metal duct can improve the fire resistance of the steel ducts up to E 120 minutes, limiting the increase of weight and the external dimensions of the duct.

Further Information


  • Intumescent fire stopping coating
  • Provides fire resistance for up to 120 minutes in accordance with BS476: Part 24
  • Exposed to external and internal fire
  • Durable and decorative finish
  • Chemical and abuse resistant
  • Can be top coated to match surroundings
  • Easy application and clean up with water
  • Minor cracks do not effect fire performance
  • Fast drying time


FRL 120/120/- FRL 120/120/120
PROMAPAINT® DC1 Coating to Steel Ducts X
PROMAPAINT® FD Coating to Steel Ducts X

Note: FRL * / * / * (Fire Resistance Limit – *Stability / *Integrity / *Insulation)


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