Fire Collars for Combustible Pipes

Promat fire collars are manufactured using our PROMASEAL Grafitex intumescent technology. These fire collar are designed to maintain the integrity of the fire resistant element through which plastic pipes, combustible insulation, cables or fibre optic services pass. Fire collars are suitable for installation in the various types of floors, walls and ceilings in which they have been tested.

In the event of fire, the plastic pipe will start to deform. In the case of uPVC pipes this occurs at a temperature of approximately 70°C. Once the pipe starts to deform, the intumescent material in the Promat fire collar expands, closing off the plastic pipe or combustible insulation, and thus forming an insulating barrier.

This intumescent compound continues to expand throughout the fire and forms a char which prevents flame and hot gases passing into adjacent compartments.

Further Information


  • A fire collar for every situation
  • Cast in and Retrofit options
  • Floor waste and stack solutions
  • Approvals for large variety of plastic type and sizes
  • Up to 315mm diameter pipes
  • Large variety of substrates approved including concrete, F.R plasterboard, Speedpanel and Hebel
  • Approvals for services other than plumbing pipes available


  • Penetration fire protection for fitted around installed pipes that pass through concrete/masonry floors or walls lightweight partitions and lined ceilings


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