Intumescents strips for fire doors

Intumescents strips for fire doors

When a fire occurs, it is crucial to prevent it from spreading. Containing flames, smoke and toxic gases to a confined space limits the damage and danger. At the same time, you buy precious time for occupants in other parts of the building to evacuate safely and for the fire brigade to arrive.

Fire doors serve exactly this purpose. Whether in private or public buildings, passive fire protection is key to saving lives and to protecting assets. Promat has all the ingredients and expertise to collaborate to develop fire doors that boost guaranteed levels of fire protection without compromising on design and aesthetics

Leading the way in passive fire protection and fire door applications

Promat has been at the forefront of the European fire door market since the 1970s. Over the years, we have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of passive fire protection in both building and industrial applications.

Thanks to our long-term partnerships with fire door manufacturers, we have acquired a detailed understanding of how fire behaves and how the different components and materials interact with fire and heat. Based on this experience, we have developed a versatile and effective range of fireproofing products to support fire door manufacturers across the continent. Our materials ensure manufacturers comply with even the most stringent fire regulations.

We support many leading fire door manufacturers, enabling them to provide reliable protection for their clients. Our technical teams, experienced workshops and dedicated fire door specialists help our customers through the different phases of their development process, co-creating doors that have tremendous commercial success. No matter how complex the challenge, we create solutions together.

Intumescent fire-stopping: a complete range of reliable and aesthetic seals

The purpose of a fire door is to seal off a space so that the fire, smoke and toxic gases do not spread to other areas. The materials used in fire doors should be non-combustible, heat resistant, and should maintain their shape and structural integrity. At the same time, any cracks and gaps should be meticulously sealed off in case of a fire.

This is where Promat’s intumescent materials, expertise, solutions and services make a difference. Our intumescent materials are reliable, flexible and aesthetic seals that offer superior protection against fire, smoke and gases. They enable you to create a fire door solution that complies with the most stringent fire protection standards and are the perfect fit for frames, door closers, fire-proof door windows and locks (in timber, aluminium and steel doors).

These easy-to-install intumescent seals can expand up to 20 times their original volume in the event of a fire. Upon exposure to high temperatures (starting from 150 °C upward), the graphite technology of our intumescent seals will swell and close any gaps, joints and openings, effectively protecting people and assets against fire, smoke and gases. What’s more, these materials have a proven life expectancy of more than 30 years.

Our intumescent seals are available in many different sizes, colours and finishes and can be customised to your specifications. We can combine them with other materials from our range into an engineered solution that perfectly integrates into your fire door. Our experts are ready to co-design and co-develop the most effective passive fire protection solution to your requirements.

Guaranteed levels of fire safety with a combined intumescent and calcium silicate solution

To provide guaranteed levels of fire safety, in addition to our intumescent fire-stopping seals we also offer a comprehensive range of A1 non-combustible calcium silicate boards. These boards are tested and certified to international standards and provide a reliable and sustainable solution in all temperature conditions – even when used in wet or damp areas or in places where chemicals are used, like laboratories, storage rooms or processing units.

These purpose-designed fire protection boards for fire doors prevent heat transfer thanks to their unique heat storage and insulation properties. Moreover, with an exceptionally low shrinkage of less than 2%, our calcium silicate boards maintain their structural stability and minimise fire door and door frame distortion during and even after a fire.

Another practical advantage is the limited thickness of our calcium silicate boards. This offers you greater design flexibility without compromising on performance or service life. Their limited weight also minimises strain on the hinges to maintain a closed gap in the event of a fire. And last but not least, lighter products also allow for more ergonomic installation, shipping and handling.

A combined solution of Promat’s intumescent fire-stopping seals and calcium silicate boards offers durable protection that stands the test of time. This will help your customers pass their fire inspections and keep people safe year after year.

The perfect intumescent fit for your fire door

From our long-term experience in passive fire protection, we know that some intumescent materials are better suited to specific applications than others. Our intumescent fire-stopping seals all expand in a uniform way, but some do so two-dimensionally, whereas others expand in 3D. Different variables will define which materials to use in your specific fire door solution. Based on the application, the required fire rating (30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes) and other technical and commercial requirements, Promat can advise you on the best solution for your fire door.

Intumescents strips for fire doors

Dedicated services for your fire door, from concept to testing and assembly

Our range of firestopping materials are developed and optimised in close collaboration with the market. Our aim is to develop systems and solutions that meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations. We understand that fire door manufacturers need a partner who fully grasps their unique challenges and operating environment. Promat is much more than a supplier. We study and understand your needs and put our expertise to the service of your process improvements and strategic goals.

We support you at each stage of your project to achieve optimal results. We are at your side from the initial concept to fire testing and assembly. Depending on your requirements, we can assist you with your fire door design and organise fire testing at our in-house facilities or at external labs. You can rely on us for different services, ranging from consultancy to workshop services delivering ready-to-install components.

With Promat as your preferred partner, you benefit from more than 60 years of experience and know-how in passive fire protection. There is no better way to stay at the cutting edge of your industry.

Intumescents strips for fire doors

Promat’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing

With a proven life expectancy of 33 years, Promat’s intumescent seals are probably the most sustainable materials available in the market. Once installed our seals require no maintenance or repairs. This means that fewer materials need to be produced, shipped and installed, which in turn leads to lower energy and water consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Moreover, our intumescent materials are available in a wide range of delivery forms and can be tailored to customer specifications to reduce waste.

As a company we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and actively contributing to the circular economy. At our manufacturing sites for intumescent seals for fire doors, we have taken several initiatives to make our production processes more sustainable and to reduce waste.

In the summer of 2021, we will roll-out solar panels at our manufacturing site with a total surface of 5500m² that will generate 600,000 kWp. This installation will provide the power needed to produce our intumescent materials. In addition to this, potable water is deliberately not used during our production process and we optimise the use of raw materials and semi-finished products to reduce the environmental impact of production processes.

At Promat we go the extra mile to put our sustainability ambitions into practice.

Always one step ahead

The world is rapidly evolving. Each day new challenges arise. We keep an eye on the latest developments in the market, so that we stay ahead of the game, together with you. As we are part of the Etex Group, a large Belgian industrial group specialised in building materials, you also have access to a complete portfolio of building products and solutions beyond fire protection. Whether you are dealing with a local project or with multiple partners in different countries, Promat is at your side to help inspire ways of living in a safer, more sustainable world.