PROMATECT®-100X is a high performing fire protective board, specifically designed for the fire compartmentation in buildings, such as partitions and ceilings, when high fire protection performance is required.

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  • A1 non-combustible material
  • PROMATECT®-100X comes with CE marking for intended use “fire protective board” and at least 25 years of durability
  • Easy cut and snap with a mere cutter
  • Smooth surface for a great finish with standard joint fillers and paints
  • PROMATECT®-100X can be used in semi-exposed applications (Y-class)
  • Cover all applications with only 2 board thicknesses – 12 mm and 20 mm

Fire Reaction Class: A1, non-combustible
Use category: Y, Z2
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor (μ): 11
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor (μ) Max: 14
Thermal Conductivity at 20°C: 0.25W/m K
Flexural Strength Longitudinal: 4.5N/mm²
Compressive strength: 6N/mm²

Please note
All physical and mechanical values are averages based on standard production and tested according to internal procedures. The typical values are given for guidance. The figures can change dependent on the test methods used. If a particular value is of prime importance for a specification, please consult Promat Technical Department.


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