Electrical Junction Boxes Intumescent

Separating walls form a fire barrier between compartments. However, recessed switchboxes often need to be installed in fire resistant dry wall or masonry structures. These recessed installations jeopardise the fire barrier function of the compartment wall.

Standard switch boxes also compromise the fire resistance of walls. When incorporated with the PROMASEAL® Switchbox Intumescent, these switchboxes provide fire resistant performance that maintains the integrity of the compartment wall in which they are installed.

PROMASEAL® Switchbox Intumescent has been tested up to 120 minute fire resistance in masonry walls and lightweight partitions (with an equal or greater fire resistance level).

During a fire, the switchbox plate will disintegrate causing fire to enter the dry wall cavity, resulting in premature failure. The fire resistant intumescent pad expands when this happens, creating an effective seal against ingress of fire and heat, thus preserving the fire resistant performance of the dry wall construction.

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  • Easy to install
  • Maintain fire resistance in the wall by sealing switchbox openings to prevent fire and heat ingress.


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