Fire Protection of Structural Steel Using Intumescent Paint

Steel loses its loadbearing capacity at a temperature in excess of 550°C during a fire; therefore structural steel protection (e.g. with board, paint, spray etc) is required to preserve the stability of the building structure in the event of fire. All Promat products and systems have been tested at nationally accredited laboratories around the world to a variety of standards, e.g. BS 476: Part 21, AS 1530: Part 4, DIN 4102, ASTM E119, EN 13381-4 and EN 13381-8.

Further Information


  • Aesthetic surface (thin and seamless result)
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be repainted
  • Both open and hollow steel sections
  • Suitable for galvanized steel structures
  • Improving fire resistance of load-bearing brick and reinforced concrete members
  • Fire resistance up to 180 minutes


  • Inside of buildings: steel, concrete and hollow brick structures
  • In open halls
  • Protective coating intended for all conditions (internal, semi-exposed and exposed)


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