Concrete Upgrading With Board Lining

Strengthening and upgrading structural systems to improve fire performance of an existing building is a common building renovation activity. For upgrade projects, design engineers must deal with structures in which every element carries a share of the existing load.

The tendency of concrete to spall, or break up, in a fire can lead to loss of the insulating cover to the steel and reduction in overall thickness of the member. In some constructions, supplementary reinforcement is necessary to reduce these effects. The overall thickness and cover is determined by the properties of the aggregate used.

Further Information


  • Various systems to upgrade from 60min to 240mins
  • Single layer systems
  • Direct fixed or framed
  • Single side application in certain situations


Upgrade from 60 to 120 min Upgrade from 120 to 240 mins
PROMATECT® -H Floor (Direct Fix) X X
PROMATECT®-H Floor (Steel Frame) X
PROMATECT®-H Wall (One Side - Direct Fix) X X
PROMATECT®-H Wall (Two Sided - Direct Fix) X X
PROMATECT®-H Wall (Two Sided - Steel Frame) X

Note: FRL */ * / * (Fire Resistance Limit – *Structural Adequacy / *Integrity / *Insulation)

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