Suspended Membrane Ceilings

These are normally non loadbearing and are used to provide protection from fire attack from below. The ceilings generally incorporate steel grid systems suspended from a structure.

Suspended membrane ceilings should normally be tested or assessed in accordance with AS 1530: Part 4 to satisfy the failure criteria of integrity and insulation.

These ceiling systems allow for the protection to or from services contained within the ceiling void. They also provide protection to steel beams that are required to meet the criteria of AS1530: Part 4 where exposure to fire is from below.

Further Information


  • Up to 3 hours FRL
  • Easy installation methods hence Increase productivity
  • Less Material required to achieve fire resistant levels
  • Less overall installation cost
  • Lightweight
  • Less complex framework
  • Acoustic performance


FRL -/120/120 FRL -/180/180
PROMATECT®-H Suspended Membrane Ceilings X X

Note: FRL */ * / * (Fire Resistance Limit – *Structural Adequacy / *Integrity / *Insulation)

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