Fire Protection of External Walls

In the case of external walls, the proximity of a building to the relevant (facing) boundary determines the probability of it being a danger to other buildings on adjoining sites (if it is on fire) or it being at risk from a neighbouring building on fire. Requirements made in connection with building regulations therefore specify different performances for external walls depending upon their distance from the relevant boundary.

A further consideration for external walls is their ability to weatherproof a building. The unique Siniat WEATHER DEFENCE is concert with PROMATECT boards can provide both weather and fire resistance in the same system.

For fire rated external walls for Class 7b and 8 buildings refer to the Stramit Uniguard System

Further Information


  • Time and cost effectiveness
  • Slim walls
  • Lightweight
  • Thermal resistance
  • Weather Resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Acoustic performance
  • Fire resistance performance


FRL -/30/30 FRL -/60/60 FRL -/120/120 FRL -/240/15
PROMATECT®-H External Wall -Single Sided Protection X
PROMATECT®-H External Wall -Double Sided Protection X X X

Note: FRL * / */ * (Fire Resistance Limit – *Structural Adequacy / *Integrity / *Insulation)

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