PROMASEAL® HY Collar is designed to be fixed to formwork prior to the pouring of concrete floor slabs. It has been tested with various uPVC and HDPE pipes.

PROMASEAL® HY Collar is available in THREE (3) sizes:

  • Small, for pipes up to a nominal 65mm;
  • Medium, for pipes between the sizes of 65mm and 100mm; and
  • Large, for pipes of a nominal 150mm.

Please check with Promat before installing the collar to ensure the size and type of pipe being installed can be used with the particular size and type of collar.

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Plastic Pipe Penetrations


  • Tested with uPVC, HDPE, & Triplus Pipes for 40 to 150mm
  • Sockets / Joiner can be installed within collar for uPVC
  • No pipe required for casting in
  • Multiple pipe size tested for each collar size

Approx. Expansion Ratio (550 °C): 1:9
Approx. Expansion Temperature (°C): 185°C
Colour: Yellow
Shelf Life (months): 120months
Storage Conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions.
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